In an interview with Alakh Asthana of eClerx Services, Ludger says that communities are at the centre of tacit knowledge sharing. Ludger talks about developing communities at BCG, where topic based interest groups are identified [More]
Reflection on World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, LSE, London, UK 2013
The importance of leadership and corporate leadership in creating the heart of excellence is having that sense of quality and commitment to the customer.
Employees are not engaged with traditional talent and learning systems these days. Virtual campuses that do not rely on peer-to-peer collaboration do not generate learning goals. Collaborative and social talent & learning dynamics are today [More]
Visit for more information about PersonalBrain. Knowledge Management Software for Thinkers. This demo shows off one of the more advanced features of making mass changes to your PersonalBrain with the Selection Box
Marcie Zaharee, Associate Department Head, Information Management and Practice, The MITRE Corporation, discusses the challenges of knowledge sharing across a multigenerational workforce at the 2010 National Knowledge Management Conference, “Social Networking and Knowledge Management: What’s [More]
example of knowledge document as mindmapping visual made in Mindjet MindManager
Clip from “The Matrix” illustrating the vision of Knowledge Management (sort of).