BIM in Construction has Many Uses

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Building Information Management or BIM has many uses in Civil Engineering Construction.
Presently 3D models are used to coordinate design inputs from the various disciplines.
3D Visualisations and Animations can be included in technical films and PowerPoint presentations and used for the following purposes.
Tender Presentations showing how a project will be constructed. Including sequence, methods, plant and timelines.
Constructability Studies
Knowledge Capture and Sharing
Technical & Safety Training
Project Familiarisation
Trouble Shooting, Brainstorming, and aid for decision making
Preparing Method Statements and Safety Risk Assessments
Programming and getting commitment from the Site Team
Sequencing work activities
Organising resources by seeing what plant and manpower is required and when.
Proving Delay and Disruption Entitlements
Reviewing and recording progress
Producing Infographics for Workshops, meetings and conferences.
Company Promotional purposes

In construction the main problem is turning ideas (i.e. Drawings) into reality. Most people working in construction are Do-ers who are better at walking the walk than talking the talk. Do-ers need to have a mental picture of what has to be built with the sequence, methods and resources required, so they can understand what has to be done and when, effectively create something and solve problems, for this reason visual learning is effective and the best learning style.
Another problem in construction is knowledge and know-how gained on construction sites is not captured and shared. Furthermore site staff and workers need to be trained on what to expect when they go onto site and the safety risks and control measures to reduce the probability of injury and accidents.
As a way of overcoming the above I make films with 3D Animations, infographics, timelines, photographs and video footage to show how work activities and projects were and are constructed. These projects range from airports, seaports, motorways and railways to oil and gas plants & pipelines, metros, in-sit-u piles, bridge construction, post-tensioning, precast yard, quarry, roofing and more.
The films fall into the category of ‘edutainment’ and contain engineering educational value which site members find of great interest.
For the past six years, I’ve been working for international construction companies in the Middle East on billion-dollar oil and gas, motorway, sea ports and aviation projects. As part of my work, I was asked to write articles and make PowerPoint presentations showing how it was intended to carry out works containing methods, sequence and the resources. This developed into producing short films containing 3D visualizations & animations, photographs and video footage.
The films are used for tender presentations, for supporting contractual claims, as site inductions to familiarise staff and workers with projects, to show progress, to demonstrate construction issues with proposed designs and for company promotional purposes. The films are generally shown at workshops, site meetings, conferences and tender presentations.
Recently, for example, I prepared a film for a major international oil and gas company as part of a constructability presentation, showing how a gas-processing plant and pipelines will be constructed that included the resources to be employed and timelines for the various activities.
Also 3D Animations can be used for technical and Safety Induction Training to familiarise new employees with projects, also can be used to evaluate and analyse risks and to produce financial and safety risk assessments.

See my YouTube Channel for the technical films

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