Knowledge Management Implementation: Things you should be aware of; How to align KM with business strategy and innovation in order to enhance performance and long term value generation; Organizational Culture and Resilience; KPIs and other [More]
רימייק לסרט הקאלט האינדי “רקוואיים לחלום”, יש שיגידו כי מדובר בגרסא מוצלחת יותר, אנחנו היוצרים נשארים נאמנים למקור. הסרט נעשה במסגרת קורס “ניהול ידע”, המחלקה להנדסת תעשייה וניהול, אוניברסיטת בן גוריון.
Canada’s “Information Diva,” Connie Crosby joins Wise Law Office’s Garry J. Wise to discuss knowledge management tips and strategies for smaller Canadian law firms.
KM in K-12 Education, by IBM’s Robert Swanwick.
Empirical Knowledge Management – Module 6 on Knowledge Transition Process by The Empirical P Management Authority, An initiative of LASSIB Society for the Open Source E-Learning Initiative available at LASSIB Society . org – Learn
“When Barry met Sammy, the Tale of Two Assets”, is a funny look at typical Human Resources thinking from the industrial age contrasted with the knowledge management requirements of the information age.
The experience of Alessandro Camilleri, Head of Development, Training and Organization, Hera SpA. Knowledge management: innovation, reproduction and redistribution
Prof. Sonny Nwankwo, Professor of Marketing and Director for Research and Enterprise -East London Business School, University of East London, UK