TEDxKC talk synopsis: Today a new medium of communication emerges every time somebody creates a new web application. Yet these developments are not without disruption and peril. Familiar long-standing institutions, organizations and traditions disappear or [More]
“When Barry met Sammy, the Tale of Two Assets”, is a funny look at typical Human Resources thinking from the industrial age contrasted with the knowledge management requirements of the information age.
Knowledge Management Consultant, Chris Collison defines knowledge management, and explains the breadth of tools and techniques which underpin this discipline. Transcript: What is knowledge management? Knowledge management is a set of tools, techniques, methods, ways [More]
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A video clip that shows how organizations manage knowledge within their company and employees
TheBrain: 101 is the best way to learn how to get started on your Brain quickly. We cover all the basics so you can create an amazing Brain! Visit www.thebrain.com for more information on TheBrain. [More]
Professor Gervaise Germaine explains the difference between data, information and knowledge.
David Gurteen gives his definition of Knowledge Management.
Google Tech Talks June 4, 2008 ABSTRACT Successful knowledge management results in a competitive advantage in today’s information- and knowledge-rich industries. The elaboration and integration of emerging web-based tools and services has proven suitable for [More]